Coronavirus Update

River Park Family Dentistry: Here’s What We’re Doing To Keep You (and Our Staff) Safe

River Park Family Dentistry is following all CDC, American Dental Association, and Oregon Dental Association Guidelines and Recommendations. See links below for the most up to date and accurate information.


What’s Happening in Our Office?

A COVID-19 specific protocol has been implemented in our office which includes but is not limited to:

  • Employees will be having their temperature checked upon arrival to the office each morning, and at other points during the day.
  • Any patient that is seen will be screened for any recent travels, possible exposure, or symptoms from the past 14 days, prior to entering our office. This applies to staff as well.
  • We will not be seeing patients with suspected exposure or symptoms to COVID-19. We will discuss a plan of action if this applies to you.
  • Any patient that is seen will have their temperature checked upon check-in.
  • Patients being seen on an emergency basis will be asked to swish with a solution for 1 minute prior to your being evaluated. This helps reduce the bacterial load in your mouth, which then reduces any possible exposure.
  • Throughout the day, each employee is following protocol to disinfect and sanitize work stations, door handles, counter tops, pens, chairs and other commonly contacted items, using EPA approved disinfection agents. We have increased the frequency and extent of these cleanings to every 15 minutes throughout the day.
  • We will have minimal to no wait time for your appointment, and will keep your appointment as short as possible, while still providing the same quality care we always have.
  • Increased frequency of hand washing/hand sanitizing throughout the day. There are multiple hand sanitizing stations set throughout the office for patients and employees to use. We will be asking patients to use hand sanitizer throughout their visit and upon exiting our office.
  • We ask that only the person receiving care come into the office.
  • If a minor is receiving care, we ask that only one parent accompany them to their appointment and they are asked to use a face mask while in our office.
  • We will kindly ask that patients wait in their car prior to their appointment – we will contact you when we are ready to see you.
  • If you need to make a payment, please call the office and we can take payment over the phone.
  • We will continue to protect ourselves with the highest level of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that is required.

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines and Reminders

  • If you are experiencing ANY symptoms related to a cold or the flu, call but DO NOT come into the office.
  • If you are NOT feeling well and have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, call but DO NOT come into the office.
  • If you are symptom free, but have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, call but DO NOT come into the office.
  • If you have traveled internationally or domestically in the last two weeks, call but DO NOT COME INTO OFFICE.
  • Please do not come into the office if you do not have an appointment. Call us beforehand so that we can continue to limit the number of persons in our office at any one time.

If you have an upcoming appointment:

  • We have tried our best to turn off all of our automated appointment reminder messages but some of them are still going out. We understand that this may be conflicting and confusing but unfortunately, we cannot control this. We will contact you to reschedule any “missed” appointments related to COVID-19. You do not need to call us to reschedule.
  • Remember, we are all doing our absolute best to protect our patients, staff, families and community. Please be patient with us during this time and when we resume care. We will do what we can to accommodate those who have missed their dental appointments with adjusted operating hours.